How to make your house safe for elderly people?

Joint families are usually a norm in Malaysia, where generations of relatives and family members live together. However, ageing relatives and the elderly have special needs when it comes to their daily lives. It is important to make sure the furniture layout around the house does not hinder movement, which might lead to home accidents happening — take a step further to provide them against home accidents with AIG’s MyGuardian Personal Accident Insurance!

Here are some practical home furnishing ideas to help you create a safe and comfortable living space for elderly family members.

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Ample lighting around the house
Older people are prone to suffer from visual impairment; therefore, properly-lighted areas will ensure they can see their surroundings clearly, creating a safe and secure home. Please note the places they frequently spend their time in, and some examples will be outdoor areas, bathrooms, stairways and the kitchen. Provide sufficient lightings in these places with soft rays that are warm to the eyes because glaring beams will affect mobility for the elderly. Additionally, install a sufficient number of windows to bring natural light into the house.

Opt for slip-resistant floors
Wet, slippery areas in the bathroom are high-risk zones for the elderly. To minimise accidents, consider installing anti-slip tiles such as wooden tiles and pebble tiles for the bathroom to make the area safer. If you are looking for an affordable alternative to changing tiles, installing perforated anti-slip mats also works well. For extra protection, attach the mats to a non-slip rubber underlay, so there is adequate friction to prevent the mat from sliding.

Install grab bars and benches around the house
Grab bars and benches support the elderly to hold on to while sitting down or getting up. Pick bars made of sturdy materials like stainless steel or metal and ensure that it is tested for safety usage! For grab bars, you might want to avoid cheaper alternatives such as using a normal towel rail or hanging rods because they are not always fastened securely enough to take a person’s weight.

Besides the above home furnishing tweaks, ensuring that your elderly parents or relatives under personal accident insurance are a smart choice to make sure that their medical costs are taken care of in the face of accidents. AIG’s MyGuardian Personal Accident Insurance covers you, your spouse and your parents up to 100 years of age, with additional add-on features for medical and hospital benefits. Head over to for more details.

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