A Healthy Method to Regulate Your Kids’ Meals

Many parents are looking to cut their children’s sugar intake to make them practice a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for an alternative to your children’s favourite malt chocolate drink with fewer calories, MILO® Less Sugar is an ideal choice for you. 

But cutting sugar is not just the only solution to provide your little ones with a balanced diet. Find out how you can improve your children’s meal intake by using the Quarter Quarter Half concept. 

What Is a Quarter Quarter Half Meal?

A ‘Quarter Quarter Half’ Meal, or QQH, is a visual concept to help you determine whether your meal intake is in a balanced portion or otherwise. 

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To adopt this concept into your meal planning, you need to divide the food on your plate in these quantities:

  • ¼ plate of grains or grain products such as whole grain rice or bread
  • ¼ plate of protein source, like poultry, meat, or egg
  • ½ plate of fruits and vegetables

Since QQH is a concept based on the meal you take on a plate, your plate size also needs to be considered. Make sure you choose the proper plates for your kids to apply this concept to them.

Keeping The BMV In Check

This meal concept ensures that the meal’s Balance, Moderation, and Variety (BMV) aspects are in place for a more mindful snacking.

QQH can help ensure your kids have all the nutrients they need – they will have a portion of carbs for energy, protein for their muscle strength, and fibre to help improve their digestion.

Having a visual guide of a plate can also help you make them eat moderately without any hassle of measuring their food portions. Just arrange the food selection in this method, and you’ll have an adequate amount of food that your kids need.

Not only that, but a QQH meal is also rich in variety. The key to having a balanced meal is to make sure you are not consuming only one type of food – the variety on your children’s plate can help appease their appetite and make their meals more satisfying.

Higher Intake of Fibre

Apart from portion control, a QQH meal benefits your children as it contains more fibre than their regular diet.

Fibre benefits them in so many ways. It can help improve their digestion, lower their cholesterol, and regulate their blood sugar. 

Moreover, having high fibre in their diet is also a way of portion control. Since fibre takes longer to digest, they will feel fuller for a longer time. Consequently, your kids will not be too hungry for their next meal, thus preventing them from wanting a big portion of food for themselves.

Practice QQH With MILO® Less Sugar Now

One criterion of taking a balanced meal for your kids is to control their sugar intake. With MILO® Less Sugar, you don’t have to worry about your kids consuming too many calories to get their favourite malt chocolate drink.

For more information, visit https://www.milo.com.my/less-sugar now. 

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