What is actually Amway?

Amway is considered the top ten performing affiliates under the multinational AMWAY Group, establishing a base in Malaysia since 1976. Because it is humble beginnings, Amway has gained the BrandLaureate Award for 2006-2007. For numerous Malaysians, the brand is their main choice while searching for products, for instance, nutritional supplements, personal care, child body wash and household equipment.

Complete Your Style Amway’s Beauty Range

The whole range of Amway’s beauty line covers all the parts of your plan, providing items like beauty masks and shimmering body jelly to beauty products items, including automatic eyebrow pencils. Amway produced a fragrance line, ARTISTRY Studio Tokyo Edition Fragrance Mist, together with beautiful accents for faithful customers.

Our Personal Care Items

Amway’s catalogue of personal care products includes a body scrub and organic gel. For good hair care, Amway produces a variety of shampoo and conditioner with high-quality ingredients. Get better gums and teeth using their cutting-edge toothbrushes and toothpaste. Get the finest child care for your kids using the brand’s kids’ hair conditioners and toothpaste.

Amway Malaysia

Our Nutrition and Wellness

Soy protein drinks are preferred necessities from Amway’s catalogue of health and fitness products. For youngsters health, chewable vitamin C is a favourite among mother and father. For adult wellbeing, the Coenzyme Q10 Supplement and bee pollen are great for overall health. Searching for immunity boosters? The Phytopowder refreshment crystals from Amway could be perfect for you.

Amway’s Home Living Items

You will get air treatment systems from Amway for fresher air at your home! Pristine drinking water can also be possible with our eSpring Water Treatment, while cooking has become productive using QUEEN cookware set items. Detergents and bleaches are a couple of laundry care products suitable for you, including dish care products and concentrated washing liquid.

Energy Drinks of Amway

Releasing XS, a power drink line from Amway has sugar-free and attractive drinks to power you thru the day. XS presents many flavours together with citrus and cranberry-grape favoured by many people. This brand has grown and been turned on offer at 57 markets across the globe. You can experience XS beverages in single cans, or have a pack of six cans.

Why Select Amway?

By choosing Amway, you can take in great top-quality products. Our vitamin supplements and beauty products are manufactured from natural and organic ingredients developed from scientific research, and our high-tech home living devices can enhance lifestyle at home. The products could give you a significant development for your wellness way of life.

Amway’s Significance for Malaysians

All Malaysians have the opportunity to take high-quality items with Amway. Our personal, beauty, child body wash and nutritional items fill the needs of consumers, while other items serve what a whole family needs. Because of this, Amway is essential for Malaysians coming from all census once we have all the features they require for much better health and way of living.

About redONE

redONE is recognized as the first portable online system proprietor (MVNO) in Malaysia to give the least expensive month-to-month dedication postpaid program. They supply prepaid and postpaid plans, including free telephone calls, IDD and further internet with transparent charging you. redONE received the BrandLaureate Corporate and business Branding Accolade in 2016 and focused on becoming the greatest MVNO in ASEAN.

Awesome Postpaid Plans

redONE postpaid plans can be found in 3 sorts, the Amazing58, Amazing38 and Amazing8, for your needs. When you need added info or cell phone calls, put in a redPLAN month to month details package as little as RM8. We also supply M2M business conversation plans that serve many products and useful information for businesses to hold and analyse information.

Prepaid Plans for all

Any time you reload RM30 on redONE’s Prepaid Starter Pack, you are eligible for a free simpack which include 1GB of 4G information, 10GB of cellular details and unlimited free of charge phone calls among redONE’s prepaid end users, having the credibility of 1 month. To buy extra information, purchase a best-through to redONE’s Prepaid App for as low as RM3 daily.


Remarkable IDD And Roaming Plans

Call or textual content any individual worldwide with redONE’s cost-effective IDD and roaming charges, using a tone of voice quality as effective as a neighbourhood contact. Get pleasure from costs for fixed-line cell phone calls as little as RM1.25 each minute, video cell phone calls as low as RM0.92 every minute, only suitable for redONE postpaid end users. The two postpaid and prepaid consumers will love overseas roaming from RM28 onwards.

Go Shopping on our eStore!

redONE’s eStore offer goods like charge cards, insurance policy packages and digital kitchen appliances. redMALL gives cell phones and appliances for the home clients can select cashless buy techniques with lower rates. redCARE delivers AIG automobile and travel insurance, whilst redCARD provides HSBC with a credit card that entitles new users to rebate RM300 phone expenses.

Path Your Financial Liberty

redONE Telcopreneur Programme provides the opportunity for individuals to acquire economic liberty. Sign up for the programme as a redONEPreneurSales Expert and diversify your income stream by selling redONE’s products. Appreciate benefits, such as appealing bonuses, full-time allowance, training, and a cost-free insurance plan that advance your career progression.

Get Support

Attain out for redONE help for help. View our web site to find the closest agent within our shops and regional business office, or talk with a buyer Treatment consultant by way of our stay conversation solutions from 9 am to 9 pm every day. Our people are eligible to enjoy the most extensive and best group coverage throughout Malaysia by our alliance with Celcom Axiata.

Why Choose redONE?

Focused with the motto of “Back to Basics – life is complex ample”, redONE prioritises customers’ needs to offer headache-cost-free, IDD and affordable items. redONE delivers postpaid and prepaid plans that can be charged transparently, including free of charge cell phone calls, additional information, and substantial community protection with Celcom Axiata as our community company.

Summary Of IKEA

Being a globally-identified property furnishing company, IKEA aims to produce a much better life for those who have reasonably priced and functional furnishings. With the concept of ‘democratic children toys design’, IKEA products are designed for personal-assembling and toned packaging for cost-efficiency and efficiency. Their initiatives had already been recognised by honours, for example, the Red Dot Honor in 2019.

IKEA’s Newest And Top selling Merchandise

IKEA Malaysia has introduced the latest SOLGLIMTAR Minimal Assortment just overtime for that Lunar New Calendar year. Including a variety of decoratives and eating cutleries, these things are certain to add a bit of celebration to your home. Discover much more layout tips on IKEA Range to complement our bestsellers– the KARLSTAD 2-seat couch and GLADOM plate desk.

Curate Your Spaces With IKEA

Your living spaces perform an important part in personalized well-being, help it become sensible and cozy with IKEA’s household furniture and family add-ons. Convert your bathrooms in a property spa with IKEA’s storages, deluxe bathroom towels and shower room packages for that additional pampering, where you can get an excellent night’s rest with IKEA’s comfy bed furniture and lightings to your bedroom.


Be Encouraged With IKEA Suggestions

IKEA Tips contain a variety of style and lifestyle tips for your household. Make use of technological colour permutations to produce an environment for special occasions by using wallpapers and dinner table cloths, or figure out how to create practical spaces using curtains and blinds. Include IKEA’s adaptable items to make full use of each living area in your house.

Need Preparing Help? Get In Touch With IKEA Assist

Make planning straightforward by utilising IKEA’s on the internet preparing professional services for versatile home program METOD, PAX clothing collection permutations, and television furnishings units BESTA. IKEA’s preparation experts will take care of your needs by promoting suitable solutions. Get a specialist appointment from our design experts by emailing your selected IKEA stores for more information.

Check out IKEA Restaurant’s Food list

IKEA Cafe gives a selection of festive special deals for Chinese New 12 months, such as mandarin orange-themed desserts, Bar-b-que dried meat and IKEA’s Cafe citrus fruit smoothie and orange cheesecake. Should you choose something savoury, experiment with timeless basics such as Swedish meatballs as well as the newly introduced veggie balls through the IKEA diner food selection.

Welcome To IKEA Malaysia

Buy online on IKEA’s application, obtain items transported to your doorstep, or visit our merchants at Damansara, Cheras, Tebrau and Batu Kawan. The IKEA application gives you specifics of the most recent items, special offers and also in-store occasions. Visit our website before in-retail store visits for updated working hours as our operations differ as outlined by suggestions.

Select IKEA For All Your Furnishing Requirements

IKEA is undoubtedly a worldwide home furnishing manufacturer that gives functional and reasonably priced children toys products for those. IKEA’s progressive and bother-cost-free strategy to undertaking things has outpaced its rivals, continuously being the main thing on providing fascinating new items for everyday day-to-day lives. Offered in-retail store and internet-based, you can store anytime and anywhere.

Program Jaringan Prihatin adalah inisiatif oleh Kerajaan Malaysia di mana kira-kira RM2 bilion diperuntukkan untuk rakyat Malaysia yang memenuhi syarat untuk Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (“BPR”), dalam bentuk pakej telco bersubsidi di dengan kerjasama Penyedia Perkhidmatan telekomunikasi seperti redONE, Maxis, Celcom, Digi dan lain-lain.

Pasti ramai yang sudah mengetahui bahawa Jaringan Prihatin adalah inisiatif daripada kerajaan melalui Belanjawan 2021. Usaha atau inisiatif ini adalah fokus untuk memberi bantuan kepada golongan B40 mendapatkan peranti mudah alih serta data internet dengan pengurangan harga berbanding harga asal. Kenapa kerajaan ingin memberikan bantuan ini? Ini disebabkan dengan situasi Covid-19 sekarang, sektor seperti perkhidmatan, Pendidikan, perbankan dan lain-lain digalakkan untuk Bekerja Dari Rumah, BDR or Work From Home, WFH. Pengalakkan untuk Bekerja Dari Rumah ini pasti akan melibatkan penggunaan data internet yang lebih banyak untuk berkomunikasi.

redONE Jaringan Prihatin

Terperinci Mengenai Jaringan Prihatin

Program Jaringan Prihatin dijangka memberi manfaat kepada 8.5 juta rakyat daripada kumpulan B40 untuk memiliki peranti telefon pintar atau menikmati bantuan pelan jalur lebar internet. Dengan komunikasi atas talian, pasti rakyat memerlukan peranti telefon pintar yang akan membantu mereka di dalam sebarang urusan komunikasi. Antara telefon pintar yang anda boleh dapatkan rebat ini seperti Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Vivo dan lain-lain.

Sebanyak RM3.5 bilion diperuntukkan bagi menjayakan program tersebut. Daripada jumlah keseluruhan RM3.5 bilion ini, kerajaan akan membelanjakan sejumlah RM2 bilion manakala syarikat telekomunikasi dan penyedia perkhidmatan pula akan memberi sumbangan tambahan berjumlah RM1.5 bilion terutama dalam bentuk data percuma.

Kepada Siapa dan Apa Kelayakan Jaringan Prihatin

KELAYAKAN: Untuk 8.4 juta penerima Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR). Sekiranya anda adalah penerima BPR anda boleh memohon dengan membuat semakan kelayakan dengan syarikat penyedia perkhidmatan telekomunikasi anda. Bergantung kepada syarikat tersebut, maklumat utama yang diperlukan hanyalah nombor pengenalan anda untuk mereka membuat semakan dengan sistem BPR.

Terdapat 2 kategori yang layak anak menerima bantuan berikut:

· ADA ANAK <18 TAHUN: Bantuan RM300 untuk Pakej peranti ATAU RM180 pelan data untuk setahun⠀⠀
· TIADA ANAK: Bantuan RM180 untuk Pakej peranti ATAU RM180 pelan data untuk setahun

Di bawah Jaringan Prihatin ini, penerima yang layak boleh memilih salah satu dari dua manfaat, iaitu pakej peranti atau pelan data bulanan:

Program ini merupakan sebahagian dari lima (5) Fokus Utama Kerajaan di dalam memulih dan melonjakkan ekonomi Malaysia pasca-COVID, iaitu memperkukuhkan dayasaing negara melalui pengurangan jurang digital. Mengimbas kembali, 5 Fokus Utama ini adalah: Mengawal penularan COVID-19 bagi membolehkan pembukaan ekonomi; Memacu pemulihan ekonomi bagi terus memelihara kebajikan rakyat dan sektor terjejas; Memperkukuh dayasaing negara; Memastikan agenda keterangkuman; dan Mentransformasikan ekonomi kepada aktiviti berasaskan pengetahuan dan berpaksikan inovasi.

Jaringan Prihatin menerapkan konsep keterangkuman dan pada masa yang sama merupakan langkah untuk memperkasakan rakyat Malaysia ke arah ekonomi digital bagi memastikan tiada rakyat yang ketinggalan.

Penerima yang layak boleh mendaftar dengan syarikat telekomunikasi pilihan mereka dan menyertai mana-mana pelan yang diiktiraf di bawah program ini. Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Jaringan Prihatin, sila layari: https://belanjawan2021.treasury.gov.my/manfaat/index.php/bm/jaringanprihatin

Tarikh Pendaftaran Jaringan Prihatin
Tarikh pendaftaran adalah mulai 5 Mei – 31 Julai 2021. Masih tidak terlambat untuk anda untuk mendaftar inisiatif ini. Tarikh tutup adalah sehingga penghujung Julai 2021.

Bagaimana Cara Untuk Tebus Rebat RM180 / RM300 Program Jaringan Prihatin

  1. Semak kelayakan anda melalui laman rasmi Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat (BPR) iaitu: https://bpr.hasil.gov.my/
  2. Daftar sebagai pelanggan di syarikat komunikasi yang mengambil bahagian (rujuk senarai di bawah)
  3. Tentukan sama ada ingin memilih pakej berikut:
    · Pembelian peranti telefon pintar baharu
    · Pembelian pelan data internet bulanan
  4. Selesai! Anda kini boleh menikmati data percuma dengan data tambahan yang ditawarkan!
redONE Jaringan Prihatin

Untuk menikmati manfaat yang dinyatakan di atas, sila daftar dengan syarikat telekomunikasi seperti di bawah:
· redONE: https://www.redone.com.my/promotion/jaringan_prihatin
· Celcom: https://www.celcom.com.my/personal/jaringan-prihatin⠀
· Digi: https://digi.my/prihatin⠀
· Maxis: https://www.maxis.com.my/jaringanprihatin⠀
· Mcalls: https://mcalls.asia/jaringanprihatin⠀
· speakOUT: https://speakout.asia/jaringanprihatin⠀
· Tune Talk: https://www.tunetalk.com/my/en/jaringanprihatin⠀
· U Mobile: u.com.my/jaringanprihatin⠀
· unifi Mobile: www.unifi.com.my/jaringanprihatin⠀
· XOX Mobile: https://xox.com.my/jaringan-prihatin-en⠀
· YES: https://www.yes.my/kasiupB40⠀
· Yoodo: www.yoodo.com.my/jaringanprihatin⠀⠀

Exxxxxtra Penjimatan!
Tahukah anda? Untuk lebih jimat dan dalam masa yang sama manfaatkan Jaringan Prihatin, anda boleh guna atau tebus dengan redONE. Kenapa? Kerana ada boleh mendapat peranti telefon pintar atau smartphone dengan percuma , lebih internet data dan panggilan tanpa had. Kesemua manfaat ini anda boleh dapatkannya dengan melanggan pelan pascabayar atau postpaid plan redONE. Manfaat ini juga boleh dinikmati oleh pelanggan sedia ada redONE yang layak untuk inisiatif Jaringan Prihatin. Langan dan dapatkan maklumat lebih lanjut di https://www.redone.com.my/promotion/jaringan_prihatin.

Cultivate Your Branding With Emperikal Malaysia

In the ages of technology, social network, and the internet, organisations nowadays need to consider their digital marketing options- considered Emperikal? With digital marketing consulting at Emperikal, we could make it easier to focus your time and efforts on receiving the highest yields and make certain that your budget contains the most significant impression.

If you’re searching for an electronic marketing business that can help you with SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and various marketing techniques, then consider Emperikal! Founded in 2017, the corporation is driven to help you and your organization build promotion plans that be perfect for your brand image.

Emperikal’s Search engine marketing services will take you from the initial discovery method and competitor research up to confirming and our research into the data gathered from your SEO campaign. Inside a world where search engines are how many people learn more, we help improve your website and its particular presence on the web.


Emperikal offers professional services in two important components for all business: web design and website development services. For web design, we try to provide an immersive trademark experience. In addition, for our website design services, we’ll assist you to construct and form your website right into a reactive, favourable experience for clients.

At Emperikal, our search engine marketing and contextual and display advertising might help your enterprise reach the new target demographic and create long-term relationships with your consumers. Through good quality advertising and marketing and intensive potential audience study, you can help produce productive campaigns for the business.

Developing a unique and striking design is vital to the small business if you need to differentiate yourself from its competition. Emperikal may help you construct your brand and engage larger clients. Through our attractive designs and creative concepts, you’ll be able to get quick and impactful results.

If you’re planning on starting a social networking campaign, Emperikal is going to be there in your case at each step of the way. From researching and discovering to creating the posts and, at last, executing the marketing campaign, we will guide you so you can get the best results. Emperikal could also help you measure and boost your results.

Content marketing is important for those businesses; possibly at Emperikal, we can strengthen your content to stand out from everyone else in the competition. Our writing and editing services will help produce excellent content marketing tools to help set up your brand as being a dependable source of information for your audience.

If you’re looking for a driven group of specialized digital marketing consulting marketers, you’ll find what you need from Emperikal! With our massive services and versatile products, you can improve your business’s target audience and find tangible success. For additional information, head over to https://www.emperikal.com/ to discover how you can supercharge your company today.